Art at Grove View

Artwork has a valuable effect on a space, especially in a public healthcare setting, enriching the environment for both staff, patients and visitors and creating a sense of wellbeing.

Residents who live and work in the area helped to shape and inspire the artwork at Grove View by sharing their own personal memory of Dunstable Downs and the surrounding areas in the form of an image, photos, or written text. The artwork celebrates the character of the beautiful countryside surrounding Dunstable, specifically the Downs, looking at all aspects of the landscape, from the expansive views and contours of the landscape to local flowers and wildlife.

Inspired by these images artists Hayley and Marcus Walters have created a set of unique artworks that now adorn the public waiting areas in the hub.

Ground Floor

We wanted to create a large scale piece that would set the tone for artwork across all the floors. We were inspired by the nature themes of the Downs and wanted to represent this with as much impact as possible.

First Floor

These compositions are created using paper collage, screen prints, drawings and textures gathered from visits to the Downs.

Second Floor

These large format artworks feature panoramic views across the Downs and their calm stillness is intended to complement the working areas where they are placed.

Third Floor

These artworks on the top floor of the building explore the skyline across the Downs; its wildlife and leisure activities.